A spam filter is a piece of software that runs on an email server and keeps track of all incoming email messages so as to block any unasked-for ones from entering a certain mailbox. Several examples of such emails would be: offers for pills or money, false bank notifications or attachments that contain malware sent with the idea of infecting your PC. Email filters typically examine the content of an email and if they detect some keywords or other suspicious content, they either erase the message or redirect it to the Junk/Spam folder instead of the Inbox folder. Some web hosting companies combine their own filters with up-to-date databases from spam-monitoring organizations, so as to ensure higher levels of protection for their clients. Such databases contain patterns, mail server IPs and other info about spam email messages recently revealed by these organizations.

Spam Filters in Hosting

Our hosting servers employ one of the very best anti-spam filters available. It is called SpamAssassin and is offered with each and every cloud web hosting plan, so in case you host your domain names with us, you can pick one of the 5 security levels that the anti-spam filter offers for any mailbox that you have here. You can accomplish this with only 2 mouse clicks from the Email Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel that’s used to manage all cloud hosting accounts. SpamAssassin analyzes the header section and the content of each email, calculates a spam score and then continues on the basis of the level that you’ve selected. Every email account can have a different setting and you can choose if the emails that the filter marks as spam should be deleted or delivered to a separate email address where you can review them later, so as to prevent deleting an authentic email message. Switching to some other level or deactivating the anti-spam protection is also stunningly easy.

Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you reach the decision to use the mail service that is offered with our semi-dedicated packages, you can keep all unwelcome messages away from your inbox by activating the 5-level spam protection service that we offer with every semi-dedicated server package. This can be accomplished via the feature-crammed Email Manager section of the Control Panel and we use the powerful SpamAssassin filter to make sure that we provide the best possible security for our customers. You can have a different anti-spam level for each email account and you can choose if the filtered email messages should be erased or forwarded to a different email address where you can examine them later to ensure that you won’t miss legitimate email messages. Switching to another level of protection or deactivating the protection is also easy and requires a couple of mouse clicks.